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Founders´ stories – part one

  in English - 26. April 2015

Some time ago: 4 founders. 4 personalities. 4 moments – part one

The story of lifeshot began a long time ago. It was a normal and unspectacular day in the lifes of the 4 founders – each of them with a distinct personality. They were born in different cities and engage in various hobbies. However, they have one personality trait in common: they want to conquer the world. Well, let’s say they want to be really successful, everyone in his own manner! Let’s meet the founders of lifeshot.


lifeshot_founder_pP. is a young guy born back in ’81. As a enthusiastic tennis player he was playing his first final match, sweating all over his body. He fought hard to win that final match back then and even if it was just a regional tournament, P. was following one single goal: the qualification for the national championship. His big dream was to challenge the big names of international tennis such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal at the Wimbledon tournament. He knew that the road was long and winding, but he was convinced that discipline and fighting spirit would lead him all the way to his goal. He prepared to serve and it looked like destiny was on his side: ace and match point! Now P. was only one strike away to win the tournament. He again prepared to serve: in the left hand he held the ball and with determination in his gaze he stared the ball and thought: “You can do it”! He closed his eyes and bent his head. The wind was blowing through his wet hair. P. rebounded the ball on the court and stared at his opponent. Suddenly P. was dazzled by the sun, while he was launching the ball into the air. Paaaammm…

Back then P. didn’t know that soon he would be the CFO of lifeshot.


lifeshot_founder_bB. is a young man born back in ’84. His big passion is music. What kind of music do you think he likes? Hard to guess, I must say. Let’s tell you this story and we will explain what kind of tune makes B.’s heart beat strong. It was a Thursday evening and exactly the same time as P. was fighting to win his tennis match, when our music-lover was walking on one of the most dangerous paths in the Alps. Dangerously outstanding rocks on his left, and a 100-meter abyss on his right. From the spot you have a wonderful view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. B. enjoyed the sunset and indulged in a very personal moment of peace and inner satisfaction. He was far away from civilization and the daily hustle and bustle. Suddenly, he heard an unusual sound from far away. A sound that reminded him of a symphony of Mozart. His heart began to beat faster and faster. He tilted his head and from a far road going up the mountain he heard an extremely loud noise. The sound made him speechless, he felt like he has passed out. After a while he began to smirk and said to himself: „Porsche Carrera GTS“.

Back then B. didn’t know that soon he would be the administration director of lifeshot.


lifeshot_founder_tT. has spent some days on the Garda Lake and was on his way back to Milan. He had to turn back to his work after an urgent phone call. T. is a lucky guy because he is a trustful young man who believes in the good things in life, even on this special day. Suddenly, his car stopped in the middle of the road. He smiled and said to himself: “Don’t worry, it is not the worst thing that could happen.” It was exactly the same moment as B. heard the Porsche Carrera GTS. T. took his luggage from his car and called a taxi to the next rail station. The time passed and finally he was sitting on the train to Milan. He made some calls to organize the repair of his car. T. was so concentrated on this little disturbance during that day, that he didn’t realize that a beautiful woman was sitting right next to him. The train was overfilled and immediately a sense of timidity overcame him. He thought: “What should I do to get in contact with this beautiful woman?” Several minutes elapsed and his adrenalin level increased. “I can’t miss this great chance”, he thought. He nearly broke the display of his mobile as he was nervously hitting on it. Suddenly, he noticed that the woman was writing something in her old fashioned agenda. “Look at this girl, she’s using a medieval agenda!”, he thought. But this agenda was his big chance. On one page of the agenda there was some personal information about the girl, including her phone number. “How can I get her phone number?”, he thought. He was running out of time, because T. knew that he only has a few seconds before the woman could turn over the page. Immediately he decided to memorize the phone number. Later he would write down the number on his phone…

Back then T. didn’t know that soon he would be the CEO of lifeshot.



Somewhere else in the world there was the 4th founder. Locked in a small room with closed blinds M. stared at his laptop. The light of the laptop was the only one illuminating his face. The room was dark and gave a sense of fear. M. has a very controverse personality: he either locks himself in his scary room or he turns off any electronic equipment and climbs on the highest mountains of the Dolomites. In any case, the dark room has always been the perfect surrounding for M. to enter in his creative world, full of new ideas and inventions. Back then he was working on the design of a new ashtray. In the mind of M. this ashtray would revolutionize the world. It was exactly the same moment as T. was trying to memorize the phone number of the beautiful woman sitting next to him. M. was deeply immersed in his new invention, when suddenly he heard a very strange rumor. Ciaaaak…. Immediately M. was thrown back into reality. Mici, his cat, has spilled his afternoon beer. Another noise appeared: Ziiiing…. Immediately the screen of his laptop went black. M. looked onto a black screen. An unpleasant feeling overcame him. He swore. A short circuit shut down his laptop. M. asked himself: “Have I saved my project?….”

Back then M. didn’t know that soon he would be the Technique Director of lifeshot.


Do you know what these four stories have in common? There have been 4 every-day-moments in the life of the founders. But every moment was unique with different emotions. However, the moments took place at the exact same time.


….to be continued…. The next post will reveal the end of the 4 founders’ stories….

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