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Founders´ stories – part two

  in English - 30. April 2015


The sound of the ball hit a few milliseconds before was in the air. P. fixed the tennis ball with his eyes and he saw the ball landing on the external line of the service box. The opponent stretched his body to reach the ball with the racket. There was silence everywhere. It seemed that the opponent would reach the ball. P. was standing still watching every movement of his adversary. P. was convinced that this would be an ace and he was ready to celebrate his first final victory. But suddenly he recognized that his adversary returned the ball. Immediately he thought: “This cannot be real! How did he do that?” As a reflex he ran to the net as fast as he could. P. gazed at the returning ball. He was nervous. “Where will the ball be landing?”. He saw the ball rebounding some meters in front of him. He prepared his hit. With a strong backhand he hit the tennis ball in the angle of the court. Unreachable for the adversary! P. stood still. He was exhausted but happy. “Yes, with fighting spirit and hard work you can do everything. Yeah, I did it!”.

P. won the tournament and he qualified for the national championship. But his dream to become a great tennis player like Roger Federer didn’t become reality. The reason? P. decided to concentrate on other things, which were more important for him.

P. will soon be the CFO of lifeshot. He’s a very ambitious person and he has the opinion that with diligence and hard work you can reach a lot of your goals.



B. was walking along that path and remembered a discussion he had some time ago with his girlfriend, and a smile came up on his face. His girlfriend was staring at him. “How can you recognize a car solely by the sound it makes? When you are with me you never guess my needs…”, she asked. According to his spontaneous and metaphoric way of expressing matters, B. responded: “You have to make choices in your life and you have to lay your attention on things that you like most”. His girlfriend’s gaze was angry: “Ohhh, what are you saying? Wait my darling. Next time your desire of love will overcome you, I will lay my attention on the things I like, my friend! We will see how you’re going to like this!”. B., as usual, forgot to think about the consequences of his words. He has a special humor, but exactly this humor makes him a very likable and funny guy. Luckily he has a big heart and when he uses his charisma everybody forgives him! Therefore, also on this special day on the panoramic terrace his girlfriend forgave him and they had a great night!

B. will soon be the Administration Director of lifeshot. With his special humor and his charisma B. is a very popular guy. And he is an important member of lifeshot. Especially when we need to have some fun after a hard working day!



He had memorized the phone number in his head. He wanted to type it into his new iPhone, but he was interrupted by the ticket inspector. “Your ticket please!”, said the inspector. T. was so focused on the phone number that he didn’t realized that the ticket inspector was standing in front of him. T. looked up at the inspector. He was about 60 years old and was wearing the typical Italian “Trenitalia” clothes. “Sir, your ticket please!”. T. took his laptop bag and searched for ticket. He tried to remember and repeat the phone number in his head: “348…..34873….shit…I have to remember this number!”. The ticket inspector looked at the ticket and said: “Thank you sir, have a nice trip!”. He again picked his phone and began to type the number. After several seconds he thought: “Yes, now I have the number!”. He pressed save, but on the screen appeared the following message: “error – please insert the name”. T. thought: Which name should I insert? Bunny on the train?” No, this was really the wrong name for this beautiful woman. “Mmmhhh”, he thought, “lets insert secretary on the train. And what should I do now? Should I send a message to her?” The next station was Milan, so T. had to decide soon what he wanted to do. He decided to call her after he got out of the train. As soon as he got to the Milan railway station he took his iPhone and called the “secretary of the train”: “It’s a pity that you were so shy today. But I have to say that you were a very beautiful appearance to me today on the train!”

Secretary on the train: “Thanks for the compliment, but who says that I’m shy!? And, who are you?”

T.: ”No problem, you don’t know me. For me privacy is important.”

Secretary on the train: “Haha! For sure, but if you have my phone number there is no privacy! Do you want to make me angry?”

T.: “No! We know us for sure. I said before that today you were very shy!”

Secretary on the train: “Shut up! If we don’t know each other, why do you have my phone number?”

T.: “Oh. There are different ways to get your number. For example I could be a CIA agent.”

Secretary on the train: “For sure and I’m an alien!”

T.: “Ahh! That’s the reason why I never saw a woman like you in this region!”

Secretary on the train: “Shut up immediately and tell me who you are!”

T: “That’s boring, but ok. Today we sat next to each other on the same train.”

Secretary on the train: “Ahhh. But how you did you get my phone number?”

T: “I told you before, I’m a CIA agent!”

Secretary on the train: “Well, let’s meet tonight at 9.00 pm in front of my home and we go for dinner!”

T: “And how do I know where you live?”

Secretary on the train: “Ohhh! I thought you were a CIA agent?”

T: “Oh yes. But what happens when I tell you the truth about how I got your number? Would you go for dinner with me anyway?”

Secretary on the train: “That’s too easy!”

T: “Ok! What if I tell you how you should protect your personal data better? So in the future you would be safer!?”

Secretary on the train: “Tell me goofball!”

T: “Today you worked on your agenda. On a page I saw your number! It was easy!”

Secretary on the train: “Oh yeah. That’s true! But wouldn’t it have been easier to talk to me on the train?”

T: “No, that would be too easy. Everyone could do that!”

And so T’s first big love story began. Unfortunately after some months the relationship between the Secretary on the train and T. ended. T. had met a nurse.

T. will soon be the CEO of lifeshot. His unconventional way and his ideas are important for the creation of lifeshot.



Fortunately M. had a second personal computer. Immediately he switched to that computer. After waiting for some minutes the only thing he saw on the screen was the logo of Windows XP. The program has started to load. So he went to the freezer and took a cold beer. In the meantime his phone was ringing, but he didn’t respond. Back in the dark room the computer was loading. “Sure, that’s Windows XP” he said. He took the beer and wanted to drink it. “Aaahhh” he screamed. He looked at beer and saw that he had forgotten to open it. In the left pocket of his jeans M. found a lighter and he opened the beer. In the meantime Windows XP was done loading and M. opened the software that allows him to connect to his server. He searched for his file. “Here it is!” He made a double click on the file „sandstorm.ipt“. The file was loading to be opened. “At least I have saved the file!

M. was very convinced to realize the innovative project of his new ashtray. But after some time he stopped this project. Why? M. began to work on the new project lifeshot.

M. will soon be the Technique Director of lifeshot. In strong collaboration with T. he implements the idea of lifeshot. To say it shortly: without M. lifeshot would not be that what it is!

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